Genuine Samsung batteries wholesale in India

Samsung Batteries

Samsung manufactures batteries intended for each smartphone model manufactured by the company. The Samsung battery is a Lithium Ion battery that is durable and offers additional advantages of standby time and talk time. The capacity of the battery varies with the model. For example, for Samsung Galaxy S3, the capacity is 2100 mAh, while for Galaxy S5, the capacity is 2800 mAh. The battery has a NFC technology. This allows you to connect to other devices that have a similar technology.  Using an authentic Samsung battery for the Samsung device ensures a better performance. The Samsung batteries are available at the Samsung outlets as well as in the online markets.

When purchasing a battery, you need to check the specifications and the warranty period. Any issue like bad performance or damage of the battery within the warranty period should be brought to the notice of the dealer.

We are dealers and suppliers of genuine Samsung batteries for various Samsung smartphone models. We provide original Samsung batteries at genuine prices.

Samsung External Battery Pack

The Samsung range of smartphones is compatible with a wide range of external batteries. However, Samsung has come up with an external battery that can be used across variety of Samsung phones and tablets. This ensures that your mobile or tablet does not run out of power when you are on the go. This external battery is light weight, has a smart look and a capacity that ranges from 6000 to 9000 mAh. It has a single USB port. The input voltage is 5V and the output voltage is 5.2V.

Since the product is manufactured by Samsung, it is easily compatible with all the smartphone models. It is available in different shades and has a sleek and attractive look.  The LED indicator indicates the level of charging and makes it convenient. We are dealers of Samsung batteries in Mumbai. We supply Samsung batteries and related accessories at reasonable prices in Mumbai.

Samsung Tab Batteries

Your Samsung tablet has a genuine Samsung battery based on the version of the tab. The capacity of the batteries for tabs starts from 4000 mAh onwards and depends on the version. The tablet batteries are Lithium Ion batteries and are manufactured to provide stability to the device and also to enhance the performance.

The tab batteries are of two types. There are internal batteries that are present when you buy the tab and you can buy new ones when the earlier one gets exhausted. Then there are OEM replacement batteries as well. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) indicates that the battery is manufactured by Samsung.

You need to check the specifications of the battery when you buy the tablet. It is also advisable that you refer the user manual so as to follow the indications that ensure a longer life of the battery and a better performance of the device. We are dealers of Samsung batteries for mobiles and tablets in Mumbai.

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